Analog Devices BV

Analog Devices in Ireland

The company established in Ireland in 1977 with the support of IDA and has grown to employ 1,040 people at its original and main Irish hub in Limerick and over 40 people at its design facility in Cork.  The Limerick site is a major manufacturing location, incorporating 8” wafer fabrication and probe facilities.

The focus of Analog’s Irish operation is to produce quality precision products through precision manufacturing while exploiting cost-efficiencies.
Analog Limerick has a great deal of local autonomy in product development. Access to R&D and highly skilled manufacturing and technological experts allows the Irish operation to develop and bring to market an average of 80 new products each year. Innovation is fostered through teamwork, both within the Irish operation and through cross-national research teams throughout Analog Devices globally.

There are currently 500 R&D staff onsite, which includes over 250 designers as well as backend support staff.  A full array of development services is available:

  • Design Engineering
  • Test Development
  • Design & Evaluation Engineering & Laboratories
  • Full Reliability Test Facilities
  • Failure Analysis Engineering Facilities
  • Central Production Control & Planning
  • Applications Engineering and Design-in support
  • Marketing and Quote Support

Analog Devices and I2E2

Analog Limerick has been involved with I2E2 since its initial setup.  Since a major part of the operational spend in Limerick is on energy, cost competitiveness for Irish operations is critically important.

“While we have carried out numerous energy efficiency programs on our site, our participation in the I2E2 Technology Centre provides the potential for other energy saving programs into the future.  We believe that collaboration between Industry and the Research Institutions could help Ireland develop innovative Energy Efficiency measures which will be critical to competitive energy efficiencies and costs.”

Analog Project Manager: Tom Cantillon, Facilities Manager