Ceramicx Ireland Ltd

Ceramicx Infrared Heating ExpertsCeramicx was set up in 1992 and in 1994 moved into its new premises in Ballydehob, Ireland on a site previously owned by Infrared Internationale.  The factory output is 98% exported. The company’s planned developments and expansion will include higher value jobs supported by increased levels of automation and know-how at our factory works. Over the past five years Ceramicx has invested in a large machinery shop, with CNC milling machines and metal cutting, shaping and finishing machinery to ensure the continuing independent manufacturing success of the company – with no dependence on outsourcing and full control of the innovation and materials used.

Ceramicx products and systems are already extensively used in a wide range of industrial and consumer areas. Whether they know it or not, the worldwide plastics and packaging industries are all key users since much of their processing equipment already contains Ceramicx heating elements or Ceramicx heating design. Thermoformed plastic products surround us all in the day to day – from butter tubs to burger boxes and from fridge linings to car door linings – and Ceramicx has played its part in the heat forming technology.

All of these elements offer an immense range of heating types and heating performance: Ceramicx makes Ceramic and Quartz emitters which range in surface temperature from 150°C (302°F) to 730°C (1346°F) and the Ceramicx Tungsten bulbs are capable of reaching in excess of 2400°C (4352°F).

Frank Wilson, Ceramicx Managing DirectorPart of the Ceramicx service been to mix and match these heating options in the best interests of the customer. Founder Frank Wilson says that ‘at Ceramicx you will find a company that is not satisfied with the established standards for the industry. We have developed many new products that better fit the needs of today's manufacturer who has no choice but to be reliant on process heating. Our niche is in giving this customer a much superior product at a competitive price. In addition, the energy content of every product is a very important cost and ecological issue.’

Ceramicx logistics and delivery systems are second to none: Each day the company ships its output across the globe. The goods range from the smallest carton of around 6kgs to full pallets and containers. The company ships by road, sea and air and the requirements vary greatly for different countries: Destinations outside the EU require import documentation such as movement certificates and export documents, Certificates of Origin, Invoices and other documents – all of which the company has expert systems for.

Ceramicx also pays great attention to the packaging and safety of its goods in transit and all goods are carefully wrapped and packaged. Ceramicx uses recycled packing for all of our shipments wherever possible.

As an industrial company, a user of energy - and a producer of energy products for a multitude of other industrial companies – Ceramicx is highly aware of the new energy agenda in the world and the need for ecological and low carbon footprint products and practices. Accordingly the company is planning the construction of its own wind turbine for all its future energy use.

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