DePuy Ireland

DePuy Ireland is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest and most diverse healthcare corporation.The DePuy franchise has a well-established reputation as an innovator in new product development.  In the 1960s DePuy researchers were at the forefront of the concept of total hip replacement, a development which is largely responsible for shaping the modern day orthopaedic market.  DePuy’s products are primarily used by orthopaedic specialists and spinal neurosurgeons to treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions resulting from degenerative diseases, deformities, trauma and sports-related injuries. 
DePuy Ireland established a state of the art manufacturing facility in Ringaskiddy in 1997. The site predominately manufactures orthopaedic knee and hip replacement joints. In 2002, a global supply chain organisation was located at the Ringaskiddy site which takes responsibility for global demand and supply planning. Currently the company employs over 600 people in Cork.

DePuy Ireland has represented the Johnson & Johnson Campus Ireland Team in this initiative to date and will host I2E2 in the Innovation Centre, in the Ringaskiddy Facility. Established in 2005, Campus Ireland is a collection of J&J sites located no more than 60 miles (100 km) apart in Munster, the south western part of Ireland. Its core principle is based on the old Irish custom of the ‘Meitheal’ (pronounced ‘mey-hal’) - the Celtic word for the widespread practice of neighbours pooling together their time and tools for the harvest. By working together, they were always more effective than working alone. The Campus Ireland concept stems from the J&J Supply Chain Campus Model. This model, with its vision of Unleashing the “Power of One” within J&J, has established a mission to develop and leverage the virtual campus network for opportunities to deliver business benefits and results for J&J.

The Campus comprises of the following companies;

  • Cordis Tipperary
  • DePuy Cork
  • Janssen Biologics Cork
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical Cork
  • Vistakon Limerick

The Campus Ireland energy Management Strategy is built on three main pillars, Cost, Usage and Sustainability. DePuy is one of the founding members of I2E2 and will host the centre in the Innovation Centre, in the Ringaskiddy Facility. We believe that I2E2 will have a significant impact on each of the three pillars of our strategy, through advanced R&D in the Energy space. We also believe that I2E2 will have a positive effect in helping Ireland deal with the current and future Energy challenges.


In recent years, Ireland has had among the highest energy costs in Europe.  This places sites such as DePuy at an international disadvantage in cost competiveness.

In 2010 DePuy Ireland used 26% less Electricity per unit shipped than it did in 2006 . To ensure we remain competitive we need to continue these efficiency gains. We believe that the R&D Project Portfolio delivered through I2E2 will act as a pipeline for the next generation of Energy projects.


Climate change is real. There is compelling evidence from the scientific community that human activity is responsible for contributing towards global warming. As a healthcare provider, Johnson & Johnson understands the importance of the need to address this & therefore we have taken sustained, long term action to address GHG emitted from our operating companies.