The I2E2’s strategic objective is to drive world-leading research and innovation to help Irish manufacturing companies to sustainably reduce both the cost and associated environmental impact of their energy use.

The current economic challenges of doing business in Ireland have been the catalyst to bring together the industrial members, agencies and research providers to form this Technology Centre.

The I2E2 aims to deliver research breakthroughs to its member companies to enhance their cost competitiveness and identify technologies that will support job creation through high potential start ups.

The research areas that will deliver the competitive impact needed have been identified through the sharing of information within the membership and identifying the right research providers to support these challenges. Initially, the I2E2 will conduct research in the following topic areas:-

  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Real-time energy use modelling and optimisation
  • Low Grade Heat Recovery
  • Appropriate Working Environments

The I2E2 industrial partners contribute research engineers to the centres to ensure relevance and support driving the research itself to the members. The research undertaken is carried out in partnership with Universities and other research performing organisations.

The I2E2 has already identified significant savings and productivity opportunities for its member companies.

The I2E2 is a key element of the government’s competitiveness strategy for Ireland and we are grateful for the support of Enterprise Ireland and the IDA.