Niall Aughney

Niall joined Intel in 1993 and worked in various process engineering and engineering management roles within Intel Ireland until 2009. His focus was on statistical   control and process improvement. He has implemented various factory improvement programs including Total Quality Management, High Precision Maintenance and Lean/6-Sigma programs within the areas he has managed.

Since joining i2e2 in 2009, Niall has focused on identifying research areas that will deliver a positive competitive impact to the broad range of industrial members within the i2e2 grouping and setting up the industrially based teams to deliver on the research schedules – these areas include HVAC Management, Compressed Air Systems & Low Grade Heat recovery. His specific interest involves applying Lean/6-Sigma techniques to energy management of production lines.


Title: Research Project Manager – i2e2


  • B.Sc awarded (2.1) in Physics & Chemistry from T.C.D. – 1991
  • M.Eng.Sc awarded for research in Selective Electroless Deposition from U.C.C. – 1993
  • Graduate Diploma in Quality Systems (2.1) in Lean systems from U.L. – 2009
  • Graduate Diploma in Quality Systems (1.0) in 6-Sigma systems from U.L. – 2010