Professor Krum Semkov, Senior Research Fellow

Professor Semkov has an MSc (Mechanical Engineering) from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary and a PhD (Chemical Engineering), Inst.of Chem. Engineering (IChE), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

Professor Semkov has many years of experience including:


  • Design Engineer (Institute for Development and Construction of Energy-industrial Equipment, Sofia) - 2 years: Technical design of distillation columns and heat exchanger equipment;
  • Research Fellow (IChE, BAS) – 10 years: Research work and industrial implementations.
  • Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Department “Heat- and mass transfer in gas-liquid systems” (IChE, BAS) – from 1991: Research work, industrial implementations, scientific activity – member of two scientific councils, Chairman of the scientific Colloquium of IChE. Teaching activity – supervisor of two successful PhD works and many MrSc diploma works.

Project participation:

  • International projects: Leader – 1; Participant – 4;
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) projects: Leader – 2; Participant – 4;
  • Scientific and applied-scientific projects: Leader – 6; Participant – more than 20;
  • Industrial related projects with direct application: Leader – 8; Participant – 14.

Professor Semkov’s research interests are in Mass and heat transfer processes in gas (vapour)-liquid systems; Mathematical modelling; Development of new technologies for environment protection and energy saving: waste water treatment, heat utilization from flue gases, low potential waste heat recovery; Renewable energy sources: bioethanol production, biogas production; Development and design of new highly effective equipment and devices.