Rusal Aughinish

Aughinish has a long history of involvement with organisations such as SEAI and LIEN in efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  When Enterprise Ireland announced the creation of a Technology Centre to improve energy efficiency Aughinish was one of the first members.

The initial work at Aughinish was done in collaboration with the University of Limerick (UL) research team.  It focussed on a serious problem with poor performance of condensing heaters operating under vacuum.  The UL team identified inadequate venting as the likely cause of the problem and suggested a novel method for resolving it.

The aims of I2E2 are very much in line with the long term commitment of Aughinish to continual improvement in the area of energy efficiency.  Although the plant made a lot of progress in this area in recent years there is still scope for further improvement.

The key to achieving future improvements in energy efficiency at Aughinish is to identify novel methods for optimising existing systems.  This requires a research program which focuses on practical options, backed up where required by appropriate theoretical analysis. Aughinish believes that the I2E2 approach will deliver successful results.